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Maintaining a secure and constant supply of JAS’s antiscalant and antifoam products is among the elements to be considered when water security is of concern as these products are essential for the operation of desalination plants. JAS contributes to the water security in the KSA along with multiple other GCC and Arab countries through the company’s manufacturing facilities in Jeddah and Dammam which eliminate the obligation of importing antiscalant and antifoam products from abroad.

JAS is the single manufacturing company in the middle east producing thermal desalination antiscalants and antifoams using locally produced raw materials. GCC desalination plants are all located within a few hundred kilometres from JAS’s manufacturing plants. This is a major advantage as it ensures steady and immediate supply of any given quantities of products avoiding any inconveniences associated with importing similar products from abroad as well as the need for large wipe out the need for large storage requiremnets at our customer’s facilities. Additionally, JAS is the only company in the world offering a full range of approved specialty chemicals that can be applied in thermal desalination plants, listed in the table below. JAS extensive range of advanced technology thermal desalination chemicals have been developed to significantly improve the management of the problems commonly associated with water desalination by  MSF and MED.


JAS Thermal Desalination Products Portfolio 





Polycarboxylic acid based polymers

Antiscalnt for MSF/MED desalination plants


Non-silicone antifoams

Antifoam for MSF/MED desalination


Oxygen scavengers of different chemistries

Oxygen Scavengers for boilers


Acid inhibitors

Inhibitor for MSFS/MED acid cleaning


Ion Exchange Resin - Cation

Deionization of boiler feed water


Ion Exchange Resin - Anion


Deionization of boiler feed water

For more details about above products please see UltraCare 45PMA/AF and Oxyhunt 2065 brochures