Manufacturing Relationships. Distributing Quality

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JAS manufactures and distributes a wide range of products specifically formulated to match the production of all types of leather. Our product range is a blend of traditional and new generation products with a focus on sustainable and renewable raw materials. Key drivers for the development of our new products are a reduction in the environmental impact while adding value and enhancing the final product of a given leather and textile.

JAS offers textile chemicals and solutions in all essential textile processing steps. Working together with partners in the textile value chain, we are constantly developing sustainable solutions. We base our success on continuous product and process innovations and customize our formulas based on the unique performance criteria and manufacturing needs of our customers. Our technical staff collaborate closely with our customers to ensure our products achieve the highest level of performance in all stages of production and offer ongoing technical support to our customers.

JAS products range includes textile sizing agents, fixating agents/anti-migration agents and leather re-tanning and finishing polymers.