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JAS manufactures superior quality additives for paint and coating sector, and provides customized services and solutions based on our wide portfolio of high-performing additives including dispersants, binders, thickeners, antifoams, biocides and cellulose thickeners., destinated to customers manufacturing and marketing paints, varnishes, wood coating, adhesives, inks...

UltraCare® P Dispersing Agents

Dispersants are used in the paint industry to achieve the highest possible loading of fillers and pigments in the grind phase, to stabilize formulations by preventing settlement and to achieve the required film properties like opacity, color strength and gloss level. JAS unique range of UltraCare® P dispersing agents are easy-to-use liquid water-soluble anionic acrylic polymers, enhancing performances of water borne formulations. UltraCare® polymer range offer various chemical compositions, molecular weights and neutralization types in order to answer every customer needs.

UltraBind® P Binders

Binders are the film-forming components of a paint (so one of the major ingredients), and must have the required physical properties for the intended purpose : flexibility, hardness, gloss, abrasion resistance...JAS wide range of acrylic latexes under the UltraBind® P brand are designed to perfectly achieve above properties.

UltraMer® P-TE Acrylic Thickeners

JAS of superior performance UltraMer® P-TE range are direct alkali swellable emulsions (commonly called ASE or HASE) , that are thickening upon neutralization with a base (NaOH, KOH...).

F-Strike® P Defoamers

F-Strike® P defoamers prevent foam formation during process and application of waterborne paints, coatings and printing inks. Our defoamers are available in emulsion form, solution or concentrates.

G-Strike® P Biocides

G-Strike® P biocides provide in-can and dry-film preservation to formulations against bacteria, fungi and algae. Our In-Can preservatives are based on isothiazolinones and dry-film preservatives on IPBC.

Cellusol® Cellulose Thickeners

JAS Cellusol® range of cellulose ethers are designed for use in a wide range of industrial applications especially in construction industries including paints and coatings, tile adhesives and mortar.

JAS Paints/Coatings Products Portfolio




UltraCare® P Anionic Acrylic Polymers Exterior & interior paints, wood coating
UltraBind® P-A
UltraBind® P-SA
<ultrabind® P-VA</ultrabind
Acrylic Latexes Exterior & interior paints, architectural applications, plasters, roof coatings, flexible coatings
UltraMer® P-TE Acrylic Thickeners/Emulsions Gloss/semi-gloss/matt/latex paints, industrial coatings
F-Strike® P Silicone and Silicone free defoamers Exterior & interior paints, adhesives, lacquers, binders production. 
G-Strike® P In-can and dry film biocides/preservatives Exterior & interior wall paints, inks, adhesives, wood coatings, building materials.
Cellusol® Cellulose Thickeners including paints and coatings, tile adhesives and mortar.

For detailed products information and applications please see JAS Paints/Coatings Brochure.