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Being based in the heart of the most renowned region of oil and gas fields in the world, JAS is naturally interested in participating in every challenge that is faced by the energy industry by offering the best chemicals available for oil and gas applications along with a high-quality customer support from our technical and sales team. Our specialized products have been designed to deliver high performance and value to an array of oil field fluids including:

  • Viscosity Improvements
  • Shale Inhibitors
  • Fluid loss control
  • Bentonite Extenders
  • Dispersants
  • Cement fluid loss control polymers
  • Brine viscosifiers
  • Permeability modifiers
  • Antifoaming




UltraDrill®EM & PAM
Partially hydrolized polyacrylamide
Viscousity improves for drilling mud
Shale inhibitors

UltraDrill®AN & PAM

Polyacrylates and polyacrylamides

Viscosifiers or bentonite extenders



Fluid loss control agents

UltraCare®O Polyacrylates Viscousity and gel strength reduction
UltraPerm® Polyacrylamides Thickening
G-Strike® Non-silicone Antifoaming agents