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JAS’s full range of anionic and cationic thickeners are specifically formulated to suite home care applications.

UltraMer®DC carbomers are designed to thicken and stabilize crystal clear formulations with different rheological profiles, suspend insoluble particles and provide good vertical cling to home care formulations. Our carbomers are easy to dissolve and are show a high thickening power. Soaps, sanitizing gels, ADW gels, car waxes, toilet bowls cleaners are just a few examples of what our product, UltraMer®DC carbomers, can easily thicken and stabilize.

UltraMer®DTE and UltraMer®DTI are alternative thickeners designed for opaque or clear formulations and covers a wide range of pH values. UltraMer®DTE are particularly effective in formulations containing numerous electrolytes.

UltraMer®DTC is a cationic thickener especially recommended for laundry softeners. Its unique chemical composition enables the ability to thicken laundry softening formulations and to bring a strong conditioning effect on fabrics.

JAS also manufactures and supplies a range of biocides under the G-Strike®D brand mainly based on isothiazolinones. 






Thickening agent for clear or opaque formulations : toilet bowl cleaners, oven/grill cleaners, air fresheners, wall/floor cleaners, antibacterial hand gels...


Acrylic rheology modifiers

Thickeners for opaque formulations



Thickeners for laundry, hand dishwashing, surface cleaners, car wash...


Cationic thickeners

Thickening and conditioning properties fo fabric softeners

Thickener for acidic formulations

G-Strike®D Biocides


For further details on the products specs and applications please refer to our Home Care Brochure.