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Our unique range of UltraCare®D dispersing agents are a high-performing water-soluble anionic acrylic polymers, designed to improve performance of a full spectrum of household, industrial and institutional detergent formulations and applications.

STPP, inorganic sequestrant has been used for hardness removal and soil dispersion. Zeolites has been preferred due to environmental concerns however their biodegradability is still a problem. The use of UltraCare®D acrylic polymers can allow polyphosphate levels to be reduced while maintaining performance as well as overcoming the shortcomings of non-phosphate formulations. UltraCare®D dispersants can be either used in combination with polyphosphates or alone.

In order to provide tailor-made solutions for any given customer need and application, JAS offers a full range of dispersing polymers of various chemical compositions based on acrylic acid, maleic anhydride and methacrylic acid, neutralized or non-neutralized with sodium or ammonium and of various molecular weights.

UltraCare®D acrylic dispersants are designed to meet the challenge of varying and troublesome cleaning or washing conditions such as water hardness, high alkalinity, varying temperatures and machine types in various Home Care applications. UltraCare®D dispersants prevent the precipitation of inorganic salts (carbonates, phosphates, sulfates of calcium and magnesium). They also have other advantages such as high stability to pH changes, prevention of crystal formation and growth, compatibility with surfactants and oil dispersion to prevent re-deposition.





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