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Concrete often requires changing some of its characteristics to modify its performance properties under certain conditions and make it more suitable for certain applications; hence the use of concrete admixtures is of great value to obtain such modification.

JAS is a leading manufacturer of high quality customized concrete admixtures and supply mineral additives for almost any type of construction requirements like specialty concrete used in the ready-mix, precast, manufactured concrete products, underground construction and paving markets throughout the region. Most of the concrete placed in the Middle East as well as many parts of the world whether precast, site batched or ready-mix, contains admixtures. Important prerequisites for the successful performance of an admixture are proper selection and the use of an appropriate method of storage and batching.     

For detailed information we recommend our valued customers to contact their JAS admixtures consultant or local agent and obtain a copy of ConcCare® Admixture Manual, ConcCare® Silica Fume User's Guide, ConcCare® Fly Ash User's Guide, ConcCare® GGBFS User's Guide and ConcCare® Concrete Additives Show.