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UltraCare®CR Deflocculants/Dispersants

The UltraCare®CR polymers range are either homo or copolymers of low molecular weights excellent organic dispersants and deflocculants are used to increase solid slip and reduce viscosity in clay and other dispersions. They are used as grinding aid, dispersing and deflocculating aid for clays, ceramics and electro ceramics, ferrites and refractories.

Dispersions made with UltraCare®CR polymers have better viscosity and viscosity stability at higher specific gravities desired for longer period of time than those prepared by using only inorganic electrolytes. The use of UltraCare®CR polymeric dispersant gives surety and consistency of slip being prepared and can counterbalance the disadvantages of inorganic deflocculants. The slip produced with UltraCare®CR grades offer higher green strength. UltraCare®CR polymers are used to overcome troublesome rheological problems from crowding factors influenced by particle size, shape and interparticulate attraction, which give rise to interparticle friction and formation of agglomerates. The use of UltraCare®CR polymers increase MOR especially in ceramics formulation and eliminate formation of ‘Pinholes’ in the furnished articles, renders faster casting rates and increased life of mould.

UltraCare®CR product range is recommended for use in the preparation of casting slips made fromwhite-ware and refractory compositions, and of spray-dried oxide and ferrite slips used in electronic ceramics. It is also used in glazes for rheological stability. UltraCare®CR polymers produce slips with a wide casting range. Furthermore, the casting rate is not decreased to a marked degree, even though the slip is near the minimum viscosity point. They also produce slips that show little tendency to thicken on standing, or to become thixotropic. Ware cast from these slips is very plastic and easy to “scrap”. Fields of applications include:

  • White-ware bodies
  • Glaze dispersion
  • Ceramic compositions
  • Grinding aid
  • Spray-dried bodies





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