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UltraBind®CR Binders

Binders are substances that improve the mechanical strength of green ceramic bodies so they can pass through production steps, before firing, without breakage. There are a wide variety of binders used in traditional ceramics, including natural products, like cellulose or clays, and synthetic products, like polyacrylates or polyvinyl alcohol.

UltraBind®CR polymers are fully preformulated liquid water based acrylic binders for tape casting ceramic powders, designed to act like solvent based binders in terms of slurry processing, tape properties and tape processing into multilayered components.

UltraBind®CR Binders for Ceramic Bodies

While several grades of UltraBind®CR are available, the highly purified, low-salt grades are recommended for ceramic applications. UltraBind®CR is combined with the ceramic minerals and water to form a slurry paste which has a firm net-like structure that provides both plasticity and body strength to the unfired green body both in the wet and dry state. Upon firing in a high temperature kiln the organic binder is burned away.

UltraBind®CR Binders for Glazing

Glazing provides a number of benefits to the finished ceramic substrate. A glaze will protect the surface by increasing the scratch resistance and the surface hardness. It also seals the exterior of the ceramic substrate which prevents water absorption and provides a very smooth final surface. In addition, glazing increases the overall mechanical strength and the chemical resistance of the final product. There are many different application techniques for glazes including waterfall techniques, spraying processes and dipping and casting methods. In all cases, it is very important that the glaze shows no sedimentation of solids, no sagging, high pseudo plasticity (shear thinning) and low thixotropy (temporary thinning after shear). JAS UltraBind®CR binders range are specifically designed to achieve these benefits.





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