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Due to the current economic crisis and the situation in progress in the construction and mining industries, producers have been obliged to take several measures in order to notably reduce costs.
In light of this situation, JAS brought to the market a family of innovative grinding aids, adapted to the new requirements of cement and mining producers with excellent cost/benefit ratio under ConcCare® M & GA brand names, formulated using alternative raw materials of better performance/cost to the traditional products available in the market.
JAS ConcCare® M and GA innovative grinding additives concepts combined with specialized technical support, targeting improved production rates, enhanced strength development and adjusted workability contributes to the profitability of your business.
Today ConcCare® M & GA series of grinding aids are in use in several cement, carbonate, phosphate, bauxite, ceramic, kaolin, silica and barite plants in many countries around the globe, generating excellent results with respect to their technical performance and the economic savings.


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Grinding aids have been traditionally used to improve the efficiency of the cement maturation process which is considered as one of the most energy consuming processes in cement production (60 - 70% of the total electricity consumed in the plant). They are usually added at the entrance of the mill together with the feed.

The main function of a grinding aid is to partially neutralize the charges present on the surface of ore particles which are developed during milling, reducing the surface free energy of the material being grounded. Here, ConcCare® GA100 series molecules are adsorbed over the surface of the ore particles by weak electrostatic forces, favoring the repulsion and/or a steric hindrance between particles, avoiding their agglomeration, and thus improving grinding efficiency. JAS ConcCare® GA100 series are highly concentrated grinding aid formulated with selected raw materials to improve cement quality (early and/or ultimate strengths, flow) and to aid cement grinding, and accordingly increasing mill production.


  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Reduced carbon emission to the atmosphere.
  • Higher mill throughput, satisfying market demand during peak periods.
  • Fewer plant stoppages.
  • Decreased pack set.
  • Increased efficiency of grinding media and separators. More efficient material handling due to improved flowability of cement. 
  • Increased compressive and flexural strengths.



GrindingAids Bauxite

JAS ConcCare® M70 series are superior grinding aids formulations specifically designed to improve bauxite grinding and therefore increase mill capacity. ConcCare® M70 product range can also help improve the handling and flow properties of moist bauxite. This technology offers significant financial and environmental benefits to the industry.

ConcCare® M70 series positively impacts the rheological property of bauxite slurry by reducing the viscosity and stickiness during the grinding process and therefore less energy is required. This less viscous slurry also requires less energy as it is easier to pump. The overall reduction in energy consumption ultimately results in reduced carbon emission to the atmosphere. 
ConcCare® M70 product range function by absorbing the free moisture content of the bauxite and agglomerating fine particles. The products can be applied at the mine site or during the unloading process to help prevent the buildup of bauxite on surfaces during the loading, unloading and reclaiming of bauxite.


  • Increased mill throughput.
  • Reduced viscosity and stickiness during grinding.
  • Reduced energy required for grinding.
  • Reduced carbon emission to the atmosphere.
  • No change in bauxite particle size/granulometry.
  • Does not affect Total Aluminum Available (TAA).
  • Helps control deposits in pre-desilcators, transfer pipes, flake filters and pumps.
  • Economical to use. Effective at very low dosage rates.


Calcium Carbonate

GrindingAids CalciumCarbonate

Wet grinding of calcium carbonate is energy intensive. JAS ConcCare® M80 product range of polycarboxylate polymers-based grinding aids can help producers reach target particle sizes faster. Less grinding results in reduction of energy consumption and lower overall production costs.

ConcCare® M80 of different molecular weights, termination agents, and different levels of neutralization offer the needed solutions to produce stable slurries for transport or process higher solids material requiring less energy for subsequent filtering and drying. Our in-house testing capabilities allow our R&D scientists to perform studies that help you choose the optimum product for your specific needs.


Phosphate Rock

GrindingAids PhosphateRock

Grinding is a necessary process in phosphate rock milling using mechanical methods. The particle size changes due to the mechanical forces and chemical changes in the process reducing the surface free energy of the material being ground. In this case, the ConcCare® M50 products molecules are adsorbed over the surface of the ore particles, favoring the repulsion and/or a steric hindrance between particles, avoiding their agglomeration, improving the dispersion and mobility within the mill and thus improving grinding efficiency.

JAS ConcCare® M50 range of phosphate grinding aids can effectively improve the production by 15-30%, improve fineness and accordingly reduce overall cost. In addition, a remarkable energy reduction will be achieved which results in reduced emissions due to burning less fuel.