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Alumina is produced through multiple different methods such as by refining bauxite, Bayer process, sinter process or a combination of the Bayer and sinter processes. 

JAS manufactures chemical additives for several stages of the industrial alumina process.

JAS alumina processing additives





Flocculants Dewatering aids

-Anonic and cationic collectors and promoters for flotation

-Frothers for flotation process

-Polymers for mineral extraction and flotation : flocculants, dewatering aids, clarification agents, filtration  agents Improve liquid/solid separation in flotation process

-Polymeric depressants

-Polyacrylates dispersants for flotation, used to reduce the pulp viscosity


-Dust suppressants for stockpiles

UltraQuat®M Humate   removal   agents Iron removal agents Coagulants used to remove humates and iron during Bayer process
F-Strike® Defoamers/antifoams Reduce/eliminate foam during Bayer process


Anti-redeposition agents Scale inhibitors

Crystal growth modifiers Grinding aids

Dispersants and antiredeposition agents for soluble salts, clays and fines Control the rate of scale formation Increase the loading capacity of mills and improve the grinding of bauxite in alumina refineries
UltraDust® Dust suppressants Stockpiles and road transport