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about us

JAS (formerly SSCI) is a leading manufacturer of dispersants and antifoams for many applications including water treatment, home care, coating, textile, ceramics, phosphate/fertilizers, mining, leather, paper, oil & gas and personal case, serving customers all over the globe. In addition JAS (formerly SSCI) also manufactures concrete admixtures and veterinary disinfectants.

Founded in 1998; JAS (formerly SSCI) and since its first working day, made its philosophy to fill the middle east growing need for a professional chemical manufacturer who knows chemistry very well enabling us to provide not only chemical products but also chemical solutions to our customers. Equipped with a high level of scientific background and advance chemical tools packed with intensive chemical manufacturing experience, strong logistics and proper sourcing capabilities; JAS (formerly SSCI) managed to become one of the market leaders in our fields. JAS (formerly SSCI) major advantage lies in exactly determining what chemical technology works best for a particular application to solve the customer’s trouble. JAS (formerly SSCI) have a long history of reputation for identifying and bringing together all the essentials to deliver a forceful solution.